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Get to Know Clean Eating by Jessie

Hello! My name is Jessie Brolsma, and I am passionate about clean, plant-based eating. I love to make healthy food FUN and SIMPLE rather than boring and/or complicated. I am a therapist by training with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. I've coached many types of people over the last decade, assisting applicants interested in graduate programs, instructing and advising students as they made major career choices (see photo), and now health-conscious individuals who want to make wellness a priority.

I have three young children and a wonderful husband who have been on this health coaching path with me! In fact, they have been my first and most loyal clients. :) About 5 years ago, I began researching clean eating and paleo diets, including whole30. Gradually, I incorporated this type of eating into our family's meals. In February of 2019, I started an Instagram account to share my passion for healthy, delicious, colorful food and encourage others to eat clean! As I continued to learn more about wellness and what we eat, I realized that a whole foods plant based diet is ideal! So in April of 2019, my family and I made the transition. It has been a great learning experience, as we have gone through the struggles and successes of eating a plant-based diet. I've gained so much knowledge and continue to learn more every day.

As a health coach, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know other proactive individuals who are on their own health journey! I love to utilize my skills and knowledge to empower others to eat more plants. If you're ready to make a change, please contact me and let's chat about how I can help you!

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